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Oscar Nystrom Lighting Designer

“Lighting that ennobles the qualities of the surrounding”


To present lighting design as an abstract art form
is to demand highly specific preparations, the constant exploration of the relationship between light and shade
and the unique patterns conceived by their encountering.
Artistic lighting, in its many and varied forms,
will extend the natural light and perfect even a void.
...Oscar Nyström has a unique way of addressing his passion for light, giving his design that rare timeless quality.


Oscar strives to satisfy the client’s wishes by developing innovative and pervasive designs that appeal to exquisite taste. He creates the desired variation of atmosphere, thus allowing his lighting to express more than just one emotion. In achieving his vision, no component in a project shall be overlooked.

Having studied lighting design at London’s City of Westminister College, Oscar graduated in 1992 and freelanced as a lighting consultant before the foundation of his company in St Tropez in 1999. Even though he has extensive knowledge of the contemporary lighting manufacturers, his 30 years of professional experience remains his strongest asset. Today, his projects extend over three continents where he has illuminated palaces, luxury hotels, private residences and numerous other sublime environments.

In order to deliver seamless lighting design within a project, the designer will, by necessity, work in early and close collaboration with the client. His work is closely synchronised with that of the architect and coordinated with those interior, landscape and electrical designers selected for the project. Implementation includes everything from conceptual design to planning of electrical control systems, and should the required lighting fixture not be in production from commercial sources, he will personally undertake its design.

The challenge Oscar enjoys most though, is to identify and emphasise exclusively those details which are most deserving, which in turn produces a truly unique environment. Clients receive a user-friendly interface, preset with their desired lighting scenarios. Characteristic of Oscar's approach is to conceal the light source, in a way that the eye is intuitivly drawned toward the illuminated objects.

Gröna Lund Winter Wonderland Les Chalets de Airelles Garden lighting design Private fountain Chateau de la Mesardiere Les Chalets de Airelles Spirit 111 Top view Chateau de la Mesardiere Grand Hotel Vinterträgård